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  • John Fedora Putty
  • John Fedora Putty
  • John Fedora Putty
  • John Fedora Putty
  • John Fedora Putty
  • John Fedora Putty

John Fedora Putty




Introducing our newest style, The John! A blend of all your favorite parts of our Dylan, Billie, and Neil for the perfect fit and silhouette! The John features a brand new telescope crown shape that is great for all head shapes. This is a hard wool with a firm brim. The brim edge is stiff, flat, and covered with a putty binding trim. Featuring a handmade brown leather band that is manufactured in a solar and wind powered facility that collects 27,300 tons of rainwater per year, and uses 50% natural light energy. 

Fit: Due to the stiff/firm nature of our hard wool, depending on your head shape, the John generally runs small for most. While diameter is important, head shape plays an important role in fit and choosing the right crown style for your head shape. If you are in between sizes or on the higher end of a measurement we recommend sizing up. Note - Please check the size chart within each style for fit diameter as diameter varies by crown block and material (straw, soft wool, hard wool). Or feel free to email us for sizing help at

Unisex // Fitted // Made in the USA

Material: 100% Merino Wool    
Band: Leather Trim    
Crown: Telescope / stiff    
Brim: 3"    
Edge: Stiff brim w/brim binding

Small         53.50-53.75cm  (21.06-21.16")          
Medium    55.25-55.50cm  (21.75-21.85")          
Large        57.50-57.75cm   (22.64-22.73")          
X-Large   59-59.25cm        (23.23-23.33")

Check out our online fit guide 


  • Handmade in the USA
  • 100% Merino Wool
  • Ethical & Sustainable Leather
  • Wind Powered Leather Mfg.
  • Solar Powered Leather Mfg.
  • Harvested Rainwater Leather Mfg.

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