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Name: Lauren Lilly


What you do? For how long?

I’m the owner & co-founder of Yellow 108. We launched in Nov. 2010, but I’ve been in this industry for about 8 years. I do many things from creative visual content, accounting, sales, marketing, and connecting the dots between departments. Some days I’m a therapist, other days a public speaker, but mostly they just call me The Boss.


What makes you happy?

Adventure, Traveling, Culture, Live Music, Photography, Riding my motorcycle, Inserting as much love and positivity into my day as possible, Healthy Eating / Cooking, Cycling, Yoga, Red Wine, The Ginger (my dog), vibrant sunsets, and spending time with people that inspire me to be a better person.


What's something you love to do?

I recently spent some time learning different InDesign techniques which was really fun for me. I love visual composition in general. Whether it’s a natural occurrence in nature, or something digital. I call this ‘Visual Bliss’..... the enjoyment I get from looking at something beautiful is extreme!


Why do you care about community?

For me community is family. Being apart of a strong community means endless inspiring conversations, ideas, ideals. It is the root and catalyst for positive change.


What sort of stuff’s fun for you to do?

Building things! I love woodworking, painting, interior design, etc. Anything I get to do with my hands is fun for me!


What’s your favorite season? 

Summer! I love being active outside, warm, and sun kissed!


What’s your personal life manifesto?
I choose to be happy.
I insert as much love and positivity into my day as humanly possible.
I stay open to receive the same in return.
I daydream everyday.
I love being alive!
I live each day like I could die tomorrow, this way I don’t miss out on adventure.


What’s your lifestyle like?

My lifestyle is very much healthy & ecological, physically & mentally. I bike & walk alot locally. I eat organic. I’m a mindful consumer in my purchases. I support local businesses. I enjoy being social.


What inspires you?

People. People are really amazing. There are so many people doing amazing things in the world, I want to go see it all. Creative conversations or projects keep my inspiration flowing. To inspire and be inspired is my passion!



Where can you find me when I’m...
Eating – Dinner parties at home, James Republic in Long Beach, or different farm to table restaurants in LA.

Traveling – Fiji, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Palm Springs, and the goal is a new country each year.

Having Fun – anywhere

Getting Out and About – Live Music, Art Shows, Dinner Parties, Wine Bars, Camping                      

Being Creative – Playing Music, Filming short videos, any type of photography, Cooking              

Listening to Tunes – I listen to music all day everyday 

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