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Name: Hanna

- What you do? For how long?

I am an intern. For 5 almost 6 months. 

- What makes you happy?

God, Helping others, the color yellow, Disneyland, the beach, good music, good food, fireworks, puppies, kittens, animals in general, hiking, running, clean sheets, cleaning supplies, folded laundry, Netflix, working VHS players, buying new records, talking to my family, Arizona sunsets, Arizona sunrises, long hair, flavored chapstick, my bike, laying on cold tile when its really hot outside, Holidays, days off, Christmas lights, Halloween decorations, scented candles, wild flowers, hot tea before bed, iced tea when I wake up, inside jokes, laughing at my own jokes when no one else gets it, reading, meeting new people, day dreaming, campfires, sleeping bags, Wyoming, the smell of my grandpa’s pipe, when people play with my hair, getting good grades, being appreciated, playing the piano, positive people, cartwheels, good hugs, antiques, holding hands, skipping, holding hands while skipping, swinging, rollercoasters, road trips, unique coffee mugs, modern art, my sketchbook, overalls, converse, graffiti, hammocks, sweater weather, potted plants, polka dots, trampolines, cereal, frilly bras, tattoos, organization, dresses, curling my hair, lipstick, dancing, braids, ribbons, stand up comedy, karaoke, baggy jeans, enormous sweaters, trains, freckles, poetry, cheesy quotes, old people, old plays, flannel, crazy socks, nail polish, margaritas, Mexico, pickup trucks, umbrellas, finishing a to do list, Beyoncé, waiting tables, and infectious laughter.  

- There’s lots, but tell us something you love to do/learn about/etc.

I like history, and teaching myself ukulele.  

- Why do you care about community?

Because communities are a little like teams and everyone needs to participate in order for your team to succeed.  

- What sort of stuff’s fun for you to do?

I try to have fun at whatever task I’m doing. Why not?

- What’s your favorite season?

Winter because I get to see my family for Christmas, I get to wear huge sweaters scarves and beanies and mittens, I get to go look at Christmas lights, and I get to drink hot chocolate with mini marshmallows.  

- What’s your personal life manifesto?
No bad days.

- What’s your lifestyle like?

Busy.  I'm always doing something.

- What inspires you?

I try to pull inspiration from everything, even if it’s something that angers me so that I can learn from it and change it.  




Where can you find me when I’m...

Eating – My bed while simultaneously doing homework. 

Traveling – Disneyland, or Mexico

Having Fun – I try to always have fun

Getting Out and About – West Hollywood Y’all

Being Creative – anywhere with my sketchbook and Micron

Listening to Tunes – On the Train to and from the City

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