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Name: Travis Edson

- What you do? For how long?

I’ve done a handful of jobs for Yellow 108 over the past year and a half. I first started building displays for the company and have since moved onto to working in the office full-time. I’m currently working as the office manager for the company.

- What makes you happy?

Being married to the love of my life, Rachael Edson. Starting our own family and being able to experience art, music, the outdoors, design, fashion and food with such an amazing companion. My dog, LOLA. She is crazy.

- There’s lots, but tell us something you love to do/learn about/etc.

I love getting new/old records and really taking them in. From the tones on the album and what gear they used to embrace the vibe. I find it interesting how the location of where the album was recorded plays a huge role on the album’s sound. I love finding who and what influenced these artists and I usually start to explore those subjects. It’s a wonderful web.

- Why do you care about community?

I love the comfortable and stimulating feeling of community. Having an extended family and being able to experience things with other like minded people. It’s important to surround myself around a positive and friendly community.

- What sort of stuff’s fun for you to do?

Flea Markets, Collecting Chairs, Live Music, Camping, Cooking, Taking Photos.

- What’s your favorite season?

Spring. My wife and I usually have a trips to Palm Springs planned around this time every year. Great weather and Summer is right around the corner.

- What’s your personal life manifesto?
To live a long life full of love, happiness and adventure.

- What’s your lifestyle like?

I try my best to live a socially conscious, compassionate and healthy lifestyle. I surround myself around amazing people and strive to be honest, trustworthy, loyal and hardworking.

- What inspires you?
My wife, music, art, fashion.

Where can you find me when I’m...

Eating – Kafe Neo or Berlin

Traveling – Palm Springs or Big Sur

Having Fun – Anywhere.

Getting Out and About - Mostly shows, restaurants or flea markets

Being Creative – The Global Creative workshops the last Wednesday of every month. 

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