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Fiji Bliss

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Words on her Fiji from Yellow co-founder Lauren...

Last year I traveled to Fiji for the first time. It changed me forever, as do most traveling experiences to new cultures and countries. Something about the island took a special and permanent place in my heart. This past trip redefined my love for Fiji and my need to be there as often as possible. When I boarded my flight home to an amazing city, friends, family, and life I still felt I left my heart in Fiji. 

Life is so simple there. The people are so happy. The environment is not only visually blissful, but somehow physically healing. My daily decisions consisted of what to have for breakfast, when the tide came in was I going to surf or paddle, when should I nap, what time is good for some yoga, and where should I fish for dinner. Fiji attracts a certain type of person from all over the world. You can see yourself in these other amazing humans experiencing the same bliss as you. I now have life long friends from the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Germany, Canada all whom I've met on this tiny island in the south pacific. All inserting as much love and care into their lives as the next. All happy. All smiling. 

Please go visit Fiji, it will change your life and re direct your perspective. It reminds you what actually important to you. 






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