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With an abundance of summer vegetables overtaking our gardens and markets, we got together for a little DIY Pickle Fest.  The method is simple, the results are edible, and it's always a whole lot of fun when everyone brings food. These pickles got pickled for our road trip to Squaw Valley for Wanderlust this weekend, but don't wait for an excuse, they'll keep forever!

    White Wine Vinegar
    Self-Sealing Ball Jars
    Various Spices
    Lots of Fresh Veggies, cut


How To
    1.  Make your Brine: Using a 1:2 ratio, boil vinegar and water with 1 tbsp salt per 2 cups liquid.
    2.  Make sure your mason jars are clean, then fill jars with veggie spears and rounds.  Don't pack them too tightly.
    3.  Fill jars with spices, like: garlic, ginger, curry powder, japaleño, serrano chili, dill, etc.
    4.  Allow the brine to boil for about ten minutes, then fill your jars with the hot liquid.  Immediately put the lids on and store 
         at room temperature for two weeks.
    5.  After two weeks, they're ready!  Have your pickles with anything, but be sure to refrigerate after opening.  
    Tip: The longer you wait, the more your spices will infuse the veggies.  You could even wait months!

Some of our favorite things to pickle...
    Cucumber         Daikon                Okra             Red Onion         Red Pepper
    Ginger               Beet                    Eggs            Carrot                Orange Pepper
    Radish               Green Beans      Jalapeño      Cabbage           Yellow Pepper

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