A Cyclist's Summer Survival Guide

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School's just about out and with summer rides nearly here, we asked our friends at The Bicycle Stand to give us a top ten of cycling needs in order to keep our summer cruises rolling right.

10.  Buy a Damn Good Lock - Bike theft is an epidemic.  Buy nothing but the best if you plan to leave your bike anywhere for any amount of time. Kryptonite offers insurance, and key replacement.
9.  Behave Properly - Bikes are subject to the same rules as cars. This means stop signs, speed limits, and DUI's are well enforced on misbehaving cyclists. Be cool.
8.  Keep Your Bike Clean - ...or at least your chain. During the summer months, make sure you wipe down your chain after long rides to remove debris, then re-lube. Choose accordingly: wet lube lasts longer, but dry lube resists debris and dust build up. 
7.  Front Handlebar Bags - Gilles Berthoud or Velo Orange make well-crafted bags that allow the rider to take a fair amount of kit (say 9x13x13") over your bars. The advantage?  Flip the main flap forward to access your cargo as you ride, no more unnecessary stops.
6.  The Right Tires - Speed? Load carrying? Soft, plush ride with good rolling resistance? Tires can exaggerate or diminish almost any ride characteristic. Ask what kind of riding you're doing and know the Germans do the tires very well...Continental and Schwalbe are tops. 
5.  Wear a Helmet - Gotta make the top ten for liability reasons. Try a nice urban helmet by Bern, or a lightweight road helmet by Limar.
4.  Get a Bike with a Rack - At least one bicycle in your quiver should be capable of carrying stuff. It will change your life. It can be a box, it can be a rack, it can be a bag, just don't show up empty handed. Linus makes great adjustable racks for the front and rear, areh moderately priced, lightweight, and look great on any classic bike. 
3.  Get Wired - A generator hub will provide you with never ending light, perfect for long summer days that turn into night.  The Busch & Muller Luxos IQ2 makes most vehicle headlamps look like candlesticks.
2.  Know Thy Self - always ride on the safe side of fast, never bordering on reckless.
1. The Yellow 108 Pannier - As a bag it has ruled our life.  Pannier, handlebar bag, market and mischief sack, this durable tote has been tested all year.  It's never broken, ripped, or torn, the canvas washes fresh (mostly) every time, and we can fit a ton of stuff in it.  Get one. 

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