Grilled Chilean Guacamole

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Chileans eat more avocados per person than anywhere else in the world.  As a result, they take their climacteric fruit (fruits that ripen on the tree, like bananas) seriously and prefer to keep flavors simple, pure, and beautifully clean.  You can find this at nearly every meal, from breakfast to dinner, and it's so popular it barely lasts past the bread.  In fact, that's why you won't traditionally find lime juice in it -- they don't need to prevent oxidation.   We dig it with homemade corn chips or warm tortillas.

                            Grilled Chilean Guacamole                            
                            2 ripe Avocados, grilled (see below)
                            Extra Virgin Olive Oil
                            Sea Salt
                            Optional: Lime and Grilled Garlic
                            For Grilled Avocados
                           1.  Cut the avocados lengthwise, remove the pit, brush cut side with olive oil, and place on a hot grill.                  
                                They're tender so be sure to not move them.  Check after a couple minutes and remove from heat once 
                                they have distinct grill marks. 
                                Note:  If you want to use grilled garlic, place a head of garlic on the grill when you pour the coals.  Make 
                                           sure to drizzle it with olive oil and remove after about twenty minutes.  Traditionally speaking, this 
                                            is made with raw avocados, but it's a little more unique grilled.
                           For Chilean Guacamole
                            1. Scoop the grilled avocado meat into a bowl and gently smash it,
                            2. Drizzle about a tablespoon of olive oil on top, add a generous pinch of sea salt.  Salt neutralizes the 
                                flavor of oil while bringing out more of the avocado's natural flavors, be generous but don't add too 
                                much.  If you want to include garlic and lime, add chopped garlic here.
                            3. With a fork, vigorously mix the avocado, oil, and salt until you get a smooth and consistent texture. 
                            4.  Add more oil as necessary in order to achieve an extremely smooth sauce.

                            Serve with chips, bread, or as a side to nearly any dish.

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