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 Divine Fits are a band that consist of Indie Rock veterans Britt Daniel (Spoon) & Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade & Handsome Furs). It's always been known that Daniel has been very fond of Boeckner and his musical career. In 2010, Boeckner joined Spoon on stage to cover "Modern World" off of Wolf Parade's Debut "Apologies to the Queen Mary" So, when Britt attended a Handsome Furs show a few years back and propositioned the idea of them starting a band together, it's makes total sense. 

The record to me seems to be pretty split down the middle with songs that are clearly Britt songs and clearly Dan songs. It's almost as if Britt has been sitting on them since the last Spoon sessions. No complaints here, Spoon is one of my favorite bands and I'll take anything from him.   Amazing Bass/Drum grooves that can really get you going. Although, my favorite track off the record happens to be "Baby Get Worse".  An amazing song that really takes the greatest elements from Daniel/Boeckner to execute the perfect balance.

"A Thing Called Divine Fits" (Merge) was released in late August with 11 tracks that clock in just over 40 minutes. This record is highly recommended. If you got the chance to see them play live in the last few months, consider yourself lucky. To be apart of a unique situation that no one knows the future of is a special thing. Live in the now.

Yellow Love!

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