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Last Wednesday we had the absolute pleasure of visiting the Greek Theatre to watch Grizzly Bear and Lower Dens.  It was like stepping into a wormhole -- we were transported to the Pacific Northwest on a brisk night, surrounded by trees.  The Greek Theatre is an amazing outdoor venue and for a band like Lower Dens, it was perfect.  They set the perfect vibe for the night and their song selections were on point (with choices from both Twin-Head Movement and Nootropics).  It was our first time seeing Lower Dens, and they were everything we hoped they'd be.

Grizzly Bear opened their set with "Speak In Rounds," one of our favorite tracks off the new record Shields.  With a backdrop of floating lanterns that would rise and fall, like they were choreographed, the band had a host of brightly lit backup singers.  With a heavy emphasis on the new record, Grizzly Bear didn't forget about choice selections from Veckatimest or Yellow House.  The best moment was "Foreground," the closing track off Veckatimest.  If you are familiar with the song and the venue, you know why.  It was complete bliss and though this was the fourth time we've seen the band, it was by far the most memorable.  

Stream their KCRW performance here:


Speak in Rounds.
Sleeping Ute
Yet Again
A simple Answer
Ready, Able
I Live With You
While You Wait for the Others
What's Wrong
Two Weeks
Half Gate
Sun in Your Eyes
On a Neck, On a Spit
All We Ask

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