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What a amazing show.

Set amid the redwoods of Big Sur, Laura Marling played Sunday night to a small crowd at the iconic Henry Miller Library.  Already well known and prolific in England, Marling was meant to be taking time off in England, but instead she booked an American Road Trip tour to small stages across the states.  She'll be out now through the end of October.*     

Soft spoken, Marling's powerful vocals and timeless lyricism make it obvious why she's at the forefront of London's folk scene.  She reminded us of Joni Mitchell and Neil Young, but her abilities as a guitarist set her apart.  With a mature set that lasted about an hour and a half, Marling interacted with the intimate crowd and shared a few stories from her travels so far.  With a deep catalogue to draw from [she has three albums at 23, and she just finished her fourth], Marling surprised us with mostly new material.  Even so, her strongest song was her last, Rambling Man, from her second record, I Speak Because I Can. 

Our Recommendation:  If you have the chance to catch Laura Marling on her Solo Working Holiday Tour, we'd highly recommend it.  Chances are she won't be playing stages this small or venues quite so unique again.  The rest of her dates are listed below, but check her website for further details.

*Marling really is going it alone -- just her, her guitars, rental car, map, and helpful strangers along the way.

Upcoming Dates

10/2 - Felton, California

10/3 - San Francisco, California

10/5 - Pioneertown, California

10/7 - Los Angeles, California

10/11 - Austin, Texas

10/13 - New Orleans, Louisianna

10/14 - Mobile, Alabama

10/16 - Gainesville, Florida

10/17 - Savannah, Georgia

10/20 - Louisville, Kentucky

10/22 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

10/25 - Woodstock, New York

10/26 - North Adams, Massachusetts

10/27 - Cambridge, Massachusetts

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