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The retro-inspired self-titled debut from Paris-based musician Melody Prochet has been playing a lot these days and we like how much it feels like fall.

Stream the entire album on NPR's First Listen.

Artist - Melody's Echo Chamber (Melody Prochet)

Album - Melody's Echo Chamber

Favorite Track -  "You Won't be Missing That Part of Me"

"The elements are all there, but they're muddier, moodier and meant to trigger the feeling or th ememory of the thing rather than incite the thing itself.  Listening to Melody's Echo Chamber is like plugging into the analog Matrix." - Jacob Ganz for NPR First Listen
This is an atmosphere album -- a layered work that'll transport you to an airy and ethereal headspace yet grounds you with jazzy bass lines and distant, flowing vocals.  We're listening to it while building out spreadsheets and designing new products. 

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