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The Luke

We've been waiting for this Tuesday for months.  The Luke Vintage Felt Fedora is available TODAY and we're so proud of this hat.  It's the first release of our Made in USA hat line and it's really everything Yellow's all about: simple, quality, styled, sustainable, and sharply practical. 


Designed for our dear friend Luke, this hat reminds us of the 20s, 30s, and 40s when a person's hat was part of who they were.  Meant to fit you well, to hit the road when you hit the road, and to see life as you see it, the Luke comes small to extra large and can be worn with the brim flat, up, down, half and half -- whatever fits your style. 

Our favorite feature? It's packable, crushable, ring-able, and everything else-able you could imagine doing to it -- just shake it out and it will come right back to shape.  Completely handmade with 100% salvaged wool in the USA, this hat's available in an exceptionally limited run of brown, navy, and grey felts.

The Luke Vintage Felt Fedora by Yellow 108.  Made in USA. - $75

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