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Summer's the season you get nostalgic about before it's over.  We've had tornados, high mountains, beachside camping, dance parties, birthdays and cook outs galore this year.  Now we've got more pictures than we know what to do with, but we aren't too worried cause everyone knows the only way to really remember summer's in the music.  

This weekend we're kissing off the sun with the beats and tunes of  FYF Fest, downtown LA's forget you to the melancholy and hell yeah to party.  

Come September 1 & 2, we're packing the van and heading up to FYF for the second year with amazing new products for Fall.  Sean & Co. pulled together a spectacular line-up and here's what we're most excited about... 

Father John Misty

Hill St. Stage
3:40 - 4:25

J. Tillman's most recent project since Fleet Foxes, his work on Fear Fun (Sub Pop) has got hints of Aerial Pandemonium Ballet, All Things Must Pass, After the Gold Rush, and Plastic Ono Band.  Lyrically, this record is all short stories that Tillman's gone forth to artfully share as only a gifted story teller can. 

Watch this video.


Hill St. Stage
7:10 - 7:55

WIXIW (Mute) was released at the beginning of summer and as the Liars' sixth studio album, it's an impressive feat of self-production straight from the heart of LA.  We think it's their most accessible record to date (which isn't saying much), but the sounds they captured and the recording techniques they used are unreal and easily worth the listen.

Twin Shadow

Spring St. Stage
9:30 - 10:20

Confess (4AD) is George Lewis Jr.'s self-produced sophomore album and he hits it hard.  All about present relationships, this record lets his past reminiscing step back so he can work on what's at hand. "This album is about being on the road and the way my relationships have changed with people. I'm spelling out my reality as it is right now." Seeing as Forget was one of our favorite 2012 releases, we're really looking forward to hearing new stuff live.  It's the best of all worlds.

Wild Nothing

Hill St. Stage
2:40 - 3:15

Jack Tatum's new record, under the monicker "Wild Nothing," is mostly dream-pop, but it's more upbeat than you might think. Soft vocals, great guitar hooks, and driving drums make this something you're gonna want to pick up on the 28th of August.  We had a little sneak peek and it's very, very good.  Trust. 

Watch this video.

Nick Waterhouse

Main St. Stage
2:20 - 3:00

We've known Nick for a while now and it's amazing to see someone so talented finally get the recognition they deserve. If you're into soul, funk, rhythm, blues, horns, and extra x, y, z you can't really explain, you're gonna want to watch his set at FYF.  Again, trust. 

Watch this video.

That line-up's out of control, right?  It's always a blast and we look forward to it every year, but the weekend's almost here so you best go listen, get excited, and then come say hello.

Yellow Love.

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