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The Yellow 108 Team is growing and each person involved makes the brand what it is! It's a lifestyle we all embody and live everyday. Meet Billy and follow his story in his own words.


Yellow 108 Goes North Pacific

By: Billy Anderson

I wanted to move to the Northern California for adventure, the outdoors, progressive thinking, the 9-ers, Cali girls, Mountains, Redwoods, recycling, Dolores Park, opportunity, Lake Tahoe, green, skiing, the Giants, sustainable lifestyle, whitewater, bike culture, you get the idea.

After finding myself living in Florida (again, it’s where I grew up) this past year, I got the “itch” and knew I had to get out. An international destination would have been the go except I had been-there-done-that and it was time to settle somewhere to dig my heels in and start a career so I set my eyes on the West Coast since I had been an East-y for so long. 

My chance to get to the Best Coast came this past March when I was given the opportunity to move to Northern California to spread Yellow love! I accepted, bought a car and drove over 3,000 miles to San Francisco where I have set-up shop in the Bay Area. Not a life started, a life re-invented, a new wave of experience to ride.

But, all of those things above are not why I came out here. I came because I believe in a mission, a lifestyle and a bright future. I believe in Yellow 108. The opportunity to join a company dedicated to creating rad new ideas, eco-apparel and style, I see it as a meaningful dedication and something I can devote myself to. 

I find, Yellow 108 doesn’t just create a sustainable product, but paints the picture for a sustainable lifestyle. It offers the consumer the choice to be a part of something bigger than just a hat, it offers the chance to take part in a lifestyle that will paint the picture for a better future for our planet…it just so happens you look super cool doing it.

“Hi. My name is Billy,” I am the North Pacific Sales Manager for Yellow 108. My posts will be about the life and times of an eco-fashion rep on the ground in the “greenest” part of the U.S. I hope to report to you the many inspiring, encouraging, motivating people, places and experiences I encounter spreading sustainable cheer for all to hear!

I am a part of the Yellow movement. Are you?

Twitter: @BillJAnderson


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