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Looking back on summer, we drew this from our journal:

Do you remember a moment that changed everything? A moment where there's what came before...and then there's what came after?

These moments -- the ones that mark the befores and the afters -- are clothespins on a line.  Together they divide our lives into the meaningful bits, the moments we want to remember, and the times that were defining.  As we grow, we realize there are places (and times) we look forward to -- in fact, it's their familiarity that reminds us who we are.  There we can see who we are versus who we want to be, we can remember why we make the promises we do, and we can find new conviction in our spirit.


Places can be reset buttons.  They take us back to neutral, they close and start chapters.  They mark years, they capture eras. 

Since 2009, Wanderlust Festival has quietly taken up residence as Yellow 108's reset button.  It's a weekend where we dance, feel, live, love, connect and rediscover all the things that fill us up.  We get lost in the golden mountains of our golden state and we get set free to be re-inspired.

We're still feeling revitalized from Squaw Valley -- every time we look at these pictures we get another dose -- so, here, take a minute and enjoy a mini reset on us. 

What's your reset? The lake, the fall, a family party you can time like clockwork on the calendar?
Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe, California.  Summer 2012.




Yellow Love.

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