End of Summer

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 It’s officially Fall!!! The September equinox has welcomed us to the season. This event is often referred to as the autumnal of fall equinox in the northern hemisphere, but remember although we like to think that the world revolves only around us, in the southern hemisphere its spring. The equinox represents the period when the days are almost 12 hours of light and 12 hours of night due to the earth’s axis in position to sun’s rays.

    As much as we are all ready for fall and what we like to referrer to around here as “beanie weather”, Summer will be greatly missed. I feel its in honor to look back on all the things we love about summer in order to help bid it adieu. 

Bret - To me summer isn’t it just a season, its a state of mind, this is mostly derived from my SoCal upbringing and our lack of true seasons. These are some of the things I will miss most about summer; long days at the beach followed by longer nights at the local watering holes, bonfires that you never want to end and that smell of smoke that lingers in your clothes, wearing shades (especially our bamboo ones) till 10 pm, and dining al fresco while the sun sets.

Jody - “Long days, warm nights... seaweed in my hair and sand in my bed.”

Lauren - "Summer Music Festivals.....Sunday Music in the Park......Traveling......Moto......Love Love Love!"

Colin - “The way the air is thick with musks, music, and contingent and the breeze comes to caress you like the hands of a lover disembodied!:-)”

Thats our Colin

    Think about some of the things you like most about summer and say good bye to them till next year. Now its time to see what Fall’s got in store for us.

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