Park(ing) Day! Get some Green in your urban jungle

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   Have you ever been lost in the concrete jungle, searching for a little patch of green? Park(ing) Day is trying to change that one parking space park at a time. On September 16th, people all over the globe will be reclaiming the streets. The basic idea of Park(ing) Day is for citizens from all walks of life to collaborate and transform parking spots into parks for one day out of the year, creating an oasis in the urban desert. 

Park(ing) day began in San Francisco in 2005 by a design group called Rebar, what began as one parking space in downtown SF has grown to a world wide event. Those that participate in the creation of these parkettes are often know as park-itects. There is always the classic style park complete with some plants and a bench on turf, but the concept has been expanded to included everything from art galleries to classrooms, the possibilities are endless.

Park(ing) day is about redefining and changing our perception of what public space is, utility vs esthetic, something  to be used or enjoyed. Why does this prime real estate only have one purpose?

After enjoying all the local the curb side parkettes around Long Beach, like the tea bar and the sustainable reading room, we will participating in the culminating event of the day, the Long beach Park(ing) Day Festival. This event will take place in the Anderson’s Hardware parking lot on Pine and 5th from 6-10pm and will coincide the Twilight Walk, an art walk that highlights this often forgot section of the city.


For details on setting your own park or for more info on Park(ing) day around the globe check out:

For more info and maps of parks in the LA/Long Beach area go to:

The Park(ing) day festival:

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