FYF Fest Sat Sept 3rd! Do it DTLA!

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    We were really excited and busy getting ready for last weekend, when  we got the word that the Sunset Junction festival was canceled. This was not with out warning, as we heard that last minute problems were arising with the city of Los Angeles. However, it was difficult to see how a 30 year running community festival that was only a few days away could be canceled, but in the end that was the case. Apparently, Sunset Junction still owed money from last year’s event to the city for services and permits, plus the $141,000 that had to be paid for this year. At the last minute, concert promoter Live Nation loaned SJ $100,000, but the city voted to deny the permits anyway. The festival organizers claimed many of the fees were drastically over priced, however those issues were never really resolved.

    Now everyone is dealing with the aftermath of this canceled festival. Ticket holders and venders (including us) are waiting on refunds that may never come. The local business community missed out, as the fest would have drawn people from all over SoCal to the area. Most of the bands were able to find other local gigs and parties to play, but some could not due to scheduling and it being so last minute. Overall the Sunset Junction Festival would have really boosted sales in the general community, so City of LA....... who really missed out?!

    But, enough of this bad news, lets talk about the good news, FYF is coming up this weekend (Saturday 9/3) and it has a great line up. For those of those of you that don’t know, the FYF fest was originally called the Fuck Yeah Fest, however as the event grew over the years they decided to abbreviate the slightly vulgar name. What started as a small annual event at little venues has grown to be one of the biggest events in the LA music scene, this year being the largest in its 7 year history. The FYF fest will take place this year at the Los Angeles State Historic Park, a killer spot with a view downtown LA across the 110 from Dodger stadium.  They will be blasting music from four stages, plus there is a tent featuring tons of comedians. Concert promoter Goldenvoice is backing the event, so no worries of cancelations.


    We will be out there all day having fun in the sun and listen to good tunes, while slangin hats and shades from our booth. Come by and see what’s up.

Check out the site for more info and details


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