Avoid LA traffic and show your planet some love! LA Metro Railway

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      "Camrmageddon" will join the ranks of Y2K and the Rapture, as one of the biggest disasters that never happened. Although LA wasn't crippled by traffic, at least it got people thinking about alternative forms of transportation. The best and most reliable form of transportation being the forgotten and under used LA Metro train system.

    The metro can take you all over LA, allowing you to see all of LA's highlights without experiencing the down side of traffic and parking. Go to Hollywood to see a free show at Amoeba, have some dim sum in Chinatown, or catch a game at the Staples Center. Even make your way to LAX to catch a flight and avoid overnight parking charges! Wherever you want to go Metro can help you get there without hassle.

    What better way to come to our grand opening party! The Metro blue line starts at the 7th St Metro Station in Downtown LA and heads straight to Downtown Long Beach in less than an hour for $1.50 each way. No transfers, no LA traffic. Then just walk 6 blocks, bike, or take the Passport bus (D) over to our place on 3rd St / Cerritos. Metro rail allows passengers to bring their bikes on the train. Long Beach has recently installed an intricate network of bike paths, one of which our store is conveniently located on!

So take a load off yourself and the environment by coming on the metro to experience all that we have planed for the 23rd.

1105 E. 3rd St. Long Beach, CA 90802

See you there!

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