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Sharing is Caring: Nicole Lindstrom

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Sharing is Caring
"On a breezy day in April, I found myself driving down an old dusty road just outside of the little bohemian town, Todos Santos, in Mexico. I had heard about the incredible artisans that were scattered around the town and the beautiful handmade blankets they offered. Out of curiosity, I pulled over when I came across a sign that read "Factory Blanket".
With nothing but a camera and a hat in hand, I walked into the empty shop and found a room full of blankets, ponchos, hammocks and wooden trinkets. I thought I was alone when a little girl stepped out of the shadows and began to show me the different items that were for sale. Without a word of English, she showed me how to wear a wool poncho correctly, how to swing in a hammock, and how to fold and unfold a few of the blankets. As we made our way to the back of the shop I noticed a beautiful, worn loom at the very end. I asked the girl if she made the blankets herself and her eyes light up. She grabbed my hand and ran me to the loom to show me how it worked, what blankets she was working on, and insisted that I try.
Many giggles and photos later I was walking towards the door feeling incomplete, like I wanted to seal this new friendship somehow. My hat. I could give her my hat. That was all I had and so I did. As I was about to drive away I turned to wave goodbye and there she was, standing tall in her new hat, holding a blue balloon. I will never forget it."


Nicole Lindstrom is a travel writer and photographer based in New York City. She is the creator and editor of the online travel guide GLDMNE and co-author of Wanderlust, A Modern Yogi’s Guide To Discovering Your Best Self.

"GLDMNE is a home for gained insight, deep wisdom, and discoveries from worldly explorations. Created by one traveler for another, GLDMNE is a place for knowledge of places once visited and inspiration for places to go, in hopes the light will spark and further journeys will ignite."

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