Artisanal Lifestyle | Jody Rollins

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A beautiful video of Jody Rollins, co-founder of Yellow 108 by Terasu.

VIDEO: Amado Stachenfeld

LOCATION: Topanga, California

Hailing from Topanga california amongst the sage, oak, hawks, owls, going to the beach, enjoying the sun on her skin, Jody shares her attitude towards creating from what’s available and taking care of what takes care of you.

Artisanal Lifestyle | Jody Rollins from Terasu on Vimeo.


Illuminating the everyday of a worldly community of gourmets, creatives and adventurers, or more specifically, those who can’t be defined by a single label, Terasu puts (self-)sustainability, diverse passions, and  above all, truth at the heart of an artisanal lifestyle.


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