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Check out this new feature from Netherlands blogger Cylia Herbertson with her Canyon fedora!  These are just a sneak peek of images, click here for more looks!



...When it comes to styling I always look up pictures on my Pinterest boards and re-pin the pictures that speak to me the most. And then magic happens. I get an idea for an outfit. This outfit is inspired by the iconic Emmanuelle Alt. I'm not nearly as cool as she is, but this belt over a coat idea is just genius. When I pick outfits, I gravitate towards jeans (always!) and being comfortable. I'm not someone who would pick the most fanciest and colorful dress. But I'm not minimalistic either. If I were to describe my style it would be a combination of feminine and comfortable. I would pick anything slouchy over anything too tight. Other than dressing myself, I don't wear a lot of jewelry or wear any eye-catching accessories. I like it on other people, just not for myself. I don't even have my ear-pierced.. Today I'm wearing a fedora hat from Yellow 108. A cool Los Angeles based brand. Not very often you see me wearing a hat. I might need to invest in more different hats, as I quite like this one. Hmmm.. good ideas popping up. Now I'm off doing some work. Have a good start of the week!...


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