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The Dutch fashion blog Loves to Have just wrote about us and it's because of people like this that we're so excited to bring our sustainable goods to Europe!  You can read the original here, or enjoy the translated version below.  Yellow love! 




Yellow 108 debuted their California offerings in Europe this week at MINT, the sustainable platform of Fashion Factory. This American brand makes hats solely from salvaged and recycled materials saved from eco-textile factories.  Because of this process, Yellow 108's products are naturally limited edition, dependent completely upon seasonal and available materials.  Yellow 108's sustainability ethos spreads beyond reducing waste and includes a business model that donates 2% of all proceeds to local Los Angeles charities with a community mission.  of materials that they 'save' or recycle. For example, they use waste materials of eco textile factories. 

Though their hats are made from "waste" materials, these hats show anything but.  The wool fedoras are beautiful and easily our favorite.  If you're looking for more zero waste goods, you can try their bamboo sunglasses too.  


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